Leave Behind What Matters Most.

Your Stories. Your Wisdom. You.

What Is the Most Valuable Thing You Could Give Your Family?

Your life is a unique, finely-crafted novel that is precious to your family. Sharing your history, stories and the incredible wisdom that you have gained throughout your life can help them build a strong foundation for their own lives.

A Legacy Video gives you the opportunity to share those important moments for your family to cherish forever.

We thrive on the fun and meaningful process of guiding you through the telling of your epic story. In the end, we want you feel and savor what an important part you have played in this world and in the lives of those around you.

What Could You Share in Your Legacy Video?

Your Faith, Philosophy, and Wisdom

What is the rock (faith and/or philosophy) that you stand firm and depend on, in this world?

Great Family Stories

What are the stories of good times and tough times? What are the funny stories that your family love to hear over and over?

Your Values

What are your unwavering, non-negotiable values (i.e. honesty, integrity, work ethic, etc.)?

Your Family Line

Where did your family start, where did it go, where is it now?

Your Life’s Purpose

What are your most important roles in this life (i.e. dad, son, friend, leader of the family, etc.)? Are there still things in your life that you would like to do? Why is passing on your purpose in this world important?

Living and Loving

What are some of the traditions of your life? What are your loves and passions (music, outdoors, writing, crafts)?

Example Videos

For Future Generations

Ken & Jo Ann’s Love Story

“He’s a Clock-Guy!”

The Christmas Tradition

Impact Your Family.

What will your family think when they watch your legacy video?

After the video is completed, the best way to share these videos with your family is all together! The impact that this will have on your family cannot be understated!

The Process

We’ll walk you through the process of crafting
your legacy into a clear and impactful message.

Guided Storybook

Gather Your Thoughts

With our interactive storybook, you’ll think through a variety of topics to consider the key elements of your history, values, and faith. As you answer the questions in each chapter, you’ll refine the legacy you want to capture on video.

One-On-One Coaching

Refine through Discussion

In a 30-minute discovery session, you’ll talk with a certified coach about the topics that you are the most excited to share in your legacy video. As you discuss your ideas with a coach, you will gain insight and fresh perspective that will help you articulate your legacy message more effectively.

Your Legacy Shepherd

Help Along the Way

The Legacy Shepherd helps organize thoughts, items, and a timeline as you prepare to film your legacy video. The most important role of the Shepherd is to support the Legacy Storyteller, help them feel comfortable and make this fun. We’ll guide them on how to walk through the process with you, how to spark great memories and they could even interview you for your video.

How to Get Started

In order for us to help you get the most of our conversations, please take a moment and answer the questions below. We’ll respond promptly with pricing information and a guide for how to get started!